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2015 Student Assistant  Profiles

Meet our student assistants! They help keep the lab going!

Adam Ghossein
Media Lab Assistant

Despite my boyish good looks, I'm easily approachable for any and all questions about the studio lab. If you need assistance, I'm your guy!


Thalia Munóz
Media Lab Assistant

Arrrr..... I'm Thalia the purple pirate... Come to me if you need any help collecting pirate bootay!!!!!


Media Lab Assistant

My career goal is to become a successful producer for film and/or television. My specialities are scriptwriting,audio and video editing; I do a little acting for my friend's projects. The best thing about studying and going into this industry is the talented,creative and fun people that you get to collaborate, meet and eventually become friends with. while creating something from nothing.


Cecilia Becerra
Media Lab Assistant


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